10 Fun activities we did in the 90’s, before the smartphone

We are sure that the 90s was the most fun time in history. Technology has not yet seized innocence with online video games or animated series. On the contrary, there were many toys and products that kept us entertained for hours even though they didn’t do much and didn’t even need batteries.

Our imagination developed thanks to the games we shared with friends, neighbors, and cousins. That is why we have decided to take a little time to travel and remember those pillow wars, our ability to write messages on a calculator and even the classroom that became a private cinema just by covering the windows with newspaper and in which some Sometimes you had to choose the movie.

1. You managed to write words on your calculator

2. You filled your arms with water tattoos

3. You fought balloon battles with water and pillows

4. You played the bottle, and their challenges were too intense

5. Your cordless phone was more sophisticated than the iPhone

6. You rang bells and ran on more than one occasion

7. You wore embroidered bracelets with your name or seashells

8. You decorated your bedroom with posters

9. You played on puddles and danced in the rain

10. Did you weave your own keychains?