6 Apps that will make you feel safer when you go out

Sadly, the world is a dangerous place where we often have to look over our shoulder at every step we take, walk with pepper gas or the keys in our hands to defend ourselves, pretend to talk on cell phones or share our location in real-time when we travel by taxi. We do endless things to feel a little safer.

Fortunately, technology can be a great ally and there are more and more applications that help us alert others in case of danger while minimizing fear and worry. These free applications will make you feel calmer during the ride home.


It is very simple to use because you just press the red button on the screen and the application will send a notice that includes name, phone number, remaining battery, emergency contacts and personal information that you have previously specified. Also, every three minutes it will compile your location to trace the route you followed.

Trusted Contacts

This application allows you to share information directly with your family by adding them to your contact list. They can request to know where you are and it is up to you to reject or accept the request, but in case you cannot respond, the last location you have defined will be shared (even if you do not have an Internet connection or battery).


It works as a locator where your family members or friends can view and share their locations in real-time and even track a lost or stolen phone. In case of emergency, the application has a panic button that automatically makes a call and sends an SMS with your location.

SOS mode on Android

You do not need an application because it is included in the operating system. To enable it, you must enter settings, advanced options, send an emergency message and then add your secure contacts. Once you have configured this feature you just have to quickly press the power button and a message will be sent with your location and, if you want, audios, photos, and videos taken with both cameras.

SOS mode on iPhone

In this case it is not necessary to download an application, all you have to do is press the power button five times in a row and the “SOS Emergency” option will appear on the screen that will give you the possibility to make a call to the emergency number from your location Upon completion, messages will be sent to your emergency contacts with your current location and, if your location changes, they will receive updates.

Google Maps

All smartphones have this geolocation application. It has the function of “sharing location” with contacts in your calendar; you just have to enter the menu and you will see the option to share location either for an hour or until you deactivate it. Then you have to choose people from your calendar or applications such as Messenger and WhatsApp.