In Amsterdam you can get married for a day and tour the city on your honeymoon

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, offers a novel tourism option: marry a resident for a day. This idea was born from the need to promote tourism, since annually the city receives around 17 million foreigners and all congregate in the same areas.

In this activity organized by The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam and Wed and Walk , a local and a visitor can celebrate a symbolic wedding (that is, it is not official) that lasts about half an hour, in which they will wear clothes according to the moment, they will exchange rings and say their wedding vows. Then they will visit the less known places of the city, but just as attractive as the center, on a “honeymoon”.

In addition to visiting unknown locations, the couple can also participate in charitable activities such as supporting refugee centers or cleaning solar panels so that they are not mere spectators, but instead become agents of change and help reverse the negative effects of tourism massive.

Ellen van Loon, a partner of the Dutch architect’s office OMA, involved in the adaptation of the city for the future, recognizes the positive side of tourism as it represents revenues of up to 82 billion euros. But he also knows that the large influx of people “steals the soul from the city” and annoys residents. “Tourists like Amsterdam so much that too many are coming,” said Van Loon. So campaigns like Marry an amsterdanes seek to manage the tourist destinations of the capital.