This ‘case’ of cell phone prepares a coffee for you in seconds

Those in charge of creating new technologies are always looking for ways to launch products to the market, some so unusual that they seem like a real joke.

If you thought you had seen everything in the world of cell phone protectors, you are very wrong; Recently a group of Italians launched the best invention of the century: the Mokase, a cell phone case that literally can make you a coffee.

As if by magic in just 10 seconds, the drink will be ready

This case has a similar system to coffee makers that use capsules to prepare this drink. It has a slot in which a coffee capsule is introduced, but unlike those we are used to seeing, it is flat.

Once the capsule is installed, through an application the user activates the preparation process and the beverage is delivered by a dispenser located on the top of the case.

Mokase  prepares you an espresso

Although we warn you that it will be very hot, because the temperature with which it is prepared is between 15 and 60 degrees, you can enjoy 25 milliliters of coffee, the equivalent of an espresso. 

How is it possible?

The case has a lithium battery that recharges via USB and works with disposable capsules. If you are a coffee fan and you die from acquiring your Mokase,  you can buy it from their website.

The case will be available for Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and LG phones .